#TeaserTuesday - I Wonder...

But who's really under a spell?

In Winter Wonder, you'll meet the latest Lennox to have his own standalone story - Drake Lennox - a cousin of the Lennox men mentioned below. In the story, he's roped into assisting with plans for a party at Smoky Mountain Lodge and let's just say things didn't quite start out pleasant for him. Winter Wonder is a sweet, wholesome, funny story. The release date is Friday, 11/22/19.
FYI - It's not required, but if you want the back story on the Lennox Family, it can all be found in the first book I wrote for the series, Claiming You.

Claiming You features Remington Lennox and Emory McNeil's story but also gives insight on their family dynamic. Kenton's story is Before You Say I Do. Giovanni, Making You My Business and one of the sisters, Jessalyn Wishing That I Was Yours.


In case you were wondering about the prequel to Claiming You titled, Caught in the Storm with a Lennox, I wrote that AFTER Claiming You. Many readers expressed interest in knowing the story of how Remington and Emory initially met. It was during a snowstorm. And there was a knock at the door by a stranger. And...

Pick up a copy of Caught in the Storm with a Lennox to read the winter story. All Lennox books are $3.99 or less!

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