The Blackstone Family

{The Blackstone books are all standalone novels. Read them in any order you like.}

Evenings With Bryson
(The Blackstone Family, Book 1)
Kalina & Bryson

Setting: Wilmington, North Carolina

Book Description:

Kalina Cooper has been hiding her loneliness and personal problems by drowning herself in work – continuing her duties on until the late evenings at her Aunt Edith’s cafĂ©. Her happily ever after never has or never will involve a husband. As a teen, she watched her father walk out on her sick mother, and now, she doesn’t believe true love exists.

After a bad divorce from a cheating woman, Bryson Blackstone vows to never marry again. But he never expected to cross paths with a woman like Kalina Cooper. She's different. From what he has learned about her, he knows she doesn't believe in love but he doesn't know why. Now he plans to weasel his way into her life to find out because Kalina is just the woman he'd consider if he was crazy enough to fall in love again.

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Leaving Barringer
(The Blackstone Family, Book 2)
Calista & Barringer

Setting: Wilmington, North Carolina

Book Description:

Is a divorce looming over the horizon for this Blackstone couple?

Calista Blackstone has no problem playing her position as the supportive, dutiful wife of Barringer Blackstone. All she wants is a family, but after five years, she's given up hope of actually becoming a mother - at least to Barringer's children.

Barringer (Barry) Blackstone is too busy making money to make babies. CEO of Blackstone Financial Services Group, he's actively working on taking his father's company to the next level and avoids the subject of children. He's no longer certain that he wants the added stress of trying to raise a family while growing the business. But the workaholic will learn the hard way that money should never precede family.

An Amazon Top 100 Bestseller in Literature & Fiction in the Romance Category!

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Forever Us: Barringer and Calista Blackstone
A Short Story follow up to Leaving Barringer

Setting: Nags Head, North Carolina; Wilmington North Carolina

Book Description:

Barringer and Calista Blackstone have had their share of marital problems. They've just reconciled two months ago after a four-month separation. Even though their relationship is good on the surface, they soon discover that the same issues that drove them apart still exists. Calista is dealing with his brash demeanor and Barringer continues to struggle with the fact that he can't give his wife what he knows she wants the most - a baby. A family.

Will a weekend getaway give them time to solve their problems, or prove to make matters worse for this Blackstone couple?

*Forever Us is a follow-up to Leaving Barringer, A Novel. I highly recommend reading Leaving Barringer before reading Forever Us.

The Things Everson Lost
(The Blackstone Family, Book 3)
June & Everson

Setting: Wilmington, North Carolina

Book Description:

When a past love throws a marriage off balance...

Everson is one of those men. Those sexy, chocolate Blackstone men. He has the perfect house. In his wife, June Blackstone, he’s found a wonderful mate and marriage has been doing his body good. But the past has a way of finding its way to the present.

The past in the form of an old flame. Eliana Simmons. Everson's high school sweetheart...

Eliana moved away when they were younger. Seniors in high school. Now, work has made them cross paths, and those old feelings easily resurface, especially since Eliana was his first love - and she's not shy about confessing that she hasn't been able to get over him after all the years that have passed.

When Everson finds himself lying to June, he knows he’s in trouble. But this is just the beginning of what’s to come for a man who gives another woman the attention he should be giving his wife.

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Candy's Corporate Crush
(The Blackstone Family, Book 4)
Candice & Kurt

Setting: Wilmington, North Carolina

Book Description:

A past relationship kept her from wanting to love again, but Candice has found her ONE – Kurt Hempstead. Her secret, long-distance relationship with him keeps her free from her extremely overprotective brother’s, but Kurt is no longer willing to be in the shadows.

Candice has her reasons for not telling her family about him. She doesn’t want to hear their constant judgments about her life and her decisions. And the biggest reason of all – Kurt works for a rival company who wants to buy her father’s company, Blackstone Financial. The constant drama proves to be too much for her but only gets worse when she’s blackmailed into having dinner with her ex in order to save her father’s company from dissolution.

She wants love, she wants her father’s business to thrive and she wants her family to be happy. But can having it all cost you everything you have?