The Champion Brothers Series

January 1, 2015

{The Champion Brothers Series are all standalone novels. Each book tells one of the brother's (or sister's) individual story. These books do not have to be read in order.}
His Paradise Wife
(The Champion Brothers, Book 1)

Setting: Asheville, North Carolina; Carolina Beach, North Carolina (Pleasure Island)

Book Description:

Handsome, self-made, millionaire bachelor, Dante Champion is on a mission to make Emily Mitchell his wife by any means necessary - even if he has to lure her to Pleasure Island, hoping she'll fall in love with him.

Too bad Emily's heart is not available for love. Two years after her husband Melvin passed, Emily is still grieving his death. She's buried herself in her work, in making her high-end boutique a success. She has no interest in dating again and she's definitely not about to be swept off her feet by one of those Champion brothers.

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When A Champion Wants You
(The Champion Brothers, Book 2)

Setting: Asheville, North Carolina

Book Description:


I’m thirty-four and single. Two years ago I decided to get serious with what I want out of life. But first, I have to get a wife and I know just the woman I want to settle down with. I’ve had my eyes on Melanie Summers for quite some time now and, since my brothers want to hire her as the new marketing manager at The Champion Corporation, I think it’s time I made my move. Hey, the straightforward approach worked for Dante. Why can’t it work for me?


I’m so not ready for a relationship. But seeing my best friend Emily happily married makes me want to believe in true love again. But I’ve had my heart broken so many times, I’ve lost count. Plus, I carry a secret with me that is sure to send a man like Dimitrius Champion running for the hills, the same way it sent my ex, Scott, into the arms of another woman.

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The Best Thing He Never Knew He Needed
(The Champion Brothers, Book 3)

Setting: Asheville, North Carolina

Book Description:

At twenty-six, Sherita Wilkins is struggling to keep her photography business afloat. She doesn't need any distractions, especially from a man like Desmond Champion. She's dealt with his type before and doesn't wish to go there again. However, seeing her friends Emily and Melanie happy, and in love, makes her wonder when her happily ever after will come.

Desmond Champion is not like his brothers. He's not looking for a soul mate, partially because he already knows who his soul mate is - his kryptonite - Sherita Wilkins. That doesn't mean he wants a relationship with her. His heart belongs to him and only him. To give it away now would be absurd. That's why, for the last year, he's been staying away from her. By keeping her out of his sight, she'd stay out of his mind and nowhere near his heart. Besides, she was the type of woman who wanted all the things he didn't want - marriage and children being at the top of that list.

All was going well for the thirty-year-old bachelor until...

The Champion Corporation gets offered a multi-million dollar deal that hinges on Desmond's relationship with Sherita. It would be hard to avoid her when they would have to work together for this deal - one that would set The Champion Corporation apart from its competitors. One that was too good to turn down. But can he secure the deal without risking his heart? Will Sherita allow Desmond to play games with her heart?

Ride the wave of all the ups and downs, twists and turns, back and forth to see if this Champion brother can let go of his arrogant, selfish ways and learn how to love a woman before she slips away.

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Wives and Champions
(The Champion Brothers, Book 4)

Setting: Asheville, North Carolina

Book Description:

Dante wants another child. Emily feels guilty for not spending enough time with the child they already have, their one-year-old son, Ezra. Struggling with motherhood while trying to ensure her boutique is a success, she's not ready for more children.

Melanie runs into her ex - Scott - again. Scott had left her heartbroken when he found out she couldn't have children. Since seeing her with her daughter Grace, Scott feels like Melanie owes him an explanation. Melanie keeps Dimitrius out of the loop. The last thing she wants is for him to think she still has feelings for her ex. But her plan backfires.

Sherita knows she married a fine, millionaire boss, Desmond Champion. That's why she's under pressure trying to lose baby weight after giving birth to their twins, Celeste and Nolan, six months ago. She's working hard to be a good mother while trying to run her photography studio - not to mention dealing with postpartum and intimacy issues that's driving a wedge into their new marriage.

As if their own personal lives weren't enough to keep them occupied, Dante, Dimitrius and Desmond still have The Champion Corporation to run. And an unexpected visit leaves them questioning if they have half brothers and sisters they never knew about. When life doesn't seem to be going their way, what will these Champions do?

The Way Champions Love
(The Champion Brothers, Book 5)

Setting: Asheville, North Carolina; Wilmington, North Carolina

Book Description:

After being married to Savannah for a year while living in different cities and different states, Harding Champion has had enough. He’s in love with a woman who, for one reason or another, refuses to put him first. He’s tired of putting his life on hold while she stalls for more time to tell her parents about them. To be seen in public with him. To merge their lives.

He’s tired, and she’s afraid of disappointing her parents…

Savannah lives her life by her parent’s rules. They’ve chosen her path and even hand-picked the man they want her to marry. Newsflash – it isn’t Harding Champion. It’s a man who comes from money. Who has power and influence. But that’s not the life Savannah wants. She wants Harding and she knows she has to act fast because the risk she’s taking with his heart may prove to be the end of their marriage.

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His By Spring: A Champion Sister Story
The Champion Brothers, Book 6

Setting: Asheville, North Carolina; Wilmington, North Carolina

Book Description:

When Zoya Champion takes a few weeks off work to help her pregnant sister-in-law prepare for the baby’s arrival, she never expects that life would throw her a surprise in the form of a tall, ultra-sexy man, Tennyson Tillman, a lawyer for The Champion Corporation. Her attraction to him comes as a shock since she usually doesn’t give men the time of day. But there’s something about ‘this’ man that resonates with her. Tennyson, however, is so intent on presenting himself as perfect, she has a difficult time finding out what that something is.

Tennyson is working on a case for a recent acquisition by The Champion Corporation, but a force completely out of his control diverts his focus to Zoya – a woman who’s caught more than just his eyes. She’s borderline capturing his heart. How can that be when they hardly know each other?

But that’s the thing about love: it just happens, and when one soul drifts towards the other – towards its mate – the unusual becomes possible. Distance is no longer an obstacle. Problems work themselves out and the ordinary becomes extraordinary. Love fills everything else in between.

A Champion's Proposal
The Champion Brothers, Book 7

Setting: Wilmington, North Carolina

Book Description:

Mordecai Champion has found the house of his dreams. Unfortunately, it’s located in a specially zoned, exclusive neighborhood in Wilmington, North Carolina. To be eligible to buy the home, he must meet certain requirements. Hence, a proposal for the real estate agent who’s caught his eye from the first – Jemisha Rayford.

Jemisha is struggling to stay afloat with her new real-estate business and Mordecai’s proposal may be just what she needs to secure a much-needed substantial commission. If she accepts, she knows she’ll risk her business and her heart to a playboy who’s never been in a serious relationship, but at this point, she may not have much of a choice.

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