Claiming You (A Lennox in Love) - Book Description

Claiming You
(A Lennox in Love, Book 1)
Standalone Novella

Setting: Bryson City, North Carolina; Atlanta, Georgia


At 39, Remington (Remy) Lennox married but never expected to fall in love. He wed Emory McNeil for business reasons but his plans of a loveless marriage fail terribly when he feels something his heart has never felt before – jealousy. It bothers him that Emory has become close with Giovanni, his younger brother, and for the first time in his life, Remington feels like he needs to CLAIM a woman. None of his family knows he’s actually married to Emory, but now he’s having second thoughts about keeping their "arrangement" a secret.

Amazon Top 100 in Kindle Shorts/Literature & Fiction
Amazon Top 100 in African American Romance

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The Lennox in Love Series:
*The Lennox In Love Series are all standalone novellas. You can read them in any order you like, but Book 0 is best read before Book 1 and Books 6 and 7 should be read together.

Book 0 - Caught in the Storm with a Lennox (The Prequel to Claiming You)
Book 1 - Claiming You (Remington Lennox and Emory McNeil)
Book 2 - Making You My Business (Giovanni Lennox and Joelle Bannon)
Book 3 - Wishing That I Was Yours (Jessalyn Lennox and Spencer Wakefield)

Book 4 - Before You Say I Do (Kenton Lennox and Lauren Chandler)
Book 6 - Winter Wonder (Drake Lennox and Lavina Nelson)
Book 7 - Winter Wedding (Drake Lennox and Lavina Nelson)
Book 8 - The Weekend (Davina Lennox and Corbin LeBlanc)