A Lennox in Love Series

January 1, 2015

{A Lennox in Love Series are all standalone novellas and each tells a different Lennox story. While you can read them in whatever order you like, please note that Caught in the Storm with a Lennox is the prequel to Claiming You and should be read before that book.}

Caught in the Storm with a Lennox
(A Short Story Prequel to Claiming You)

Setting: Atlanta, Georgia

Book Description:

A blizzard is churning along the East coast. Emory didn’t expect that the wind would blow a drop dead gorgeous gentleman right to her front doorsteps...

Emory McNeil is all prepared for the forecasted snowstorm but nothing could prepare her for the man - Remington Lennox - standing at her door, needing to use her cell phone after he’d skidded off the road. She invites him inside and allows him to warm up and use her phone. She knows there’s nowhere for him to go. Not in this weather. That means, he has to stay with her...

Remington said he was out searching for properties when he was caught in the storm and subsequently winded up at Emory's door. But what he sells to her as a chance meeting is anything but. He’d been looking for her house all along.

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(A Lennox in Love Novella, Book 1)
A Standalone Novella

Setting: Bryson City, North Carolina; Atlanta, Georgia

Book Description:
At 39, Remington (Remy) Lennox married, but never expected to fall in love. He wed Emory McNeil for business reasons but his plans of a loveless marriage fails terribly when he feels something his heart has never felt before – jealousy. It bothers him that Emory has become close with Giovanni, his younger brother, and for the first time in his life, Remington feels like he needs to CLAIM a woman. None of his family knows he’s actually married to Emory, but now he’s having second thoughts about keeping their "arrangement" a secret.

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Amazon Top 100 in African American Romance

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Making You My Business
(A Lennox In Love Novella, Book 2)
A Standalone Novella

Setting: Bryson City, North Carolina; Cherokee, North Carolina

Book Description:
Smoky Mountain Lodge, a hotel owned and operated by Lennox Enterprises, has been underperforming since Joelle Bannon quit two months ago for a position at Island Street Deli. Underpaid and undervalued, she’d rather work someplace with lower expectations than at a hotel where she hasn’t had a raise in ten years.

In his new role as district manager at Lennox Enterprises, Giovanni Lennox has the task of rebuilding employee relations with management, starting with Joelle. His goal is to get her to take her job back at Smoky Mountain Lodge, or convince her to help him with tips to get the lodge back in its former profitable state. When she refuses both options, he makes it his business to dig into her life and find out everything he can about her in hopes of persuading Joelle to abide by his wishes. He never thought he’d end up falling in LOVE.

Amazon Top 100 in Literature & Fiction/African-American Romance

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Wishing That I Was Yours
(A Lennox In Love Novella, Book 3)
A Standalone Novella

Setting: Bryson City, North Carolina; Cherokee, North Carolina

Book Description:
She always liked him, but pushed those feelings aside. Now they’ve re-emerged with a force she can hardly control…

Jessalyn Lennox has hidden a crush with Spencer Wakefield for nearly a decade. He was, and still is, the man of her dreams but he's unavailable. Unavailable to her, that is. He’s older. One of her brothers’ best friends. He's like family. No, he is family and she loves him like a brother.

When Spencer becomes aware of Jessalyn’s feelings for him, he knows the best course of action is to talk some sense into her. A relationship between the two of them wouldn’t work due to the family dynamic. His refusal to even try leaves them both at a loss.

Leaving them both longing.


But there’s nothing like a little jealousy that kicks a man in the butt and makes him realize that if you don’t want a woman, you better believe someone else does.

Before You Say I Do
(A Lennox in Love, Book 4)
A Standalone Novella

Setting: Bryson City, North Carolina

Book Description:
Lauren Chandler is back in Bryson City, North Carolina with her fiancĂ©, Evan Kaizer, preparing for her engagement party. But her ex, Kenton Lennox, is always popping up in her way. And it doesn’t help that the engagement party is being held at a resort owned by Lennox Enterprises.

Kenton had never been able to understand how Lauren could break things off with him simply because he didn’t want to get married. What he does know is, the feelings she has for her fiancĂ© are sorely lacking the passion she once possessed when they were a couple.

Will two days alone with Lauren be enough time to convince her that she’s making what he feels is a huge mistake?

Amazon Top 100 Bestseller in Books/Romance/Clean & Wholesome Category

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