#TeaserTuesday - Caught Off Guard

*Excerpt from the upcoming novel, A Champion's Proposal. Please note, this excerpt is preliminary and is subject to editing changes before the official release date.

She looked up at him – one of the few times she’d done so since they’ve been eating together. Why did he have to be looking directly at her with that smirk and that cute dimple sunk deep into his jaw? Why did his eyes look like golden honey with green drizzles sprinkled in them? She could see why he was a ladies’ man. He had every physical attribute it took to rock the title.
Jemisha cleared her throat once more. “I, uh—okay, that caught me off guard.”
“What did?”
“Your comment about a wife and kids. You don’t come across as the settling down type.”
“I don’t?” he asked.
“And just how does one come across as the settling down type?”
“Okay—I’m not sure if I want to go down this road.”
“Nah, you opened the door. Walk through it.”
“In my opinion, some men are more on the playful, bachelor side of life. The serious man who doesn’t have time for games works hard to be the man a woman needs and desires while some men are busy playing around settling for being something temporary for whoever comes along because they’re not serious about life. Settling down isn’t something they’re interested in. You come across as that type—the bachelor type.”
He smiled, unfazed by her synopsis. “Why would you think that about me?”
“I’ve seen you operate.”


A Champion's Proposal | Release Date: October 4, 2019