#TeaserTuesday - I Got My Eyes On You

*Excerpt from the upcoming novel, A Champion's Proposal. Please note, this excerpt is preliminary and is subject to editing changes before the official release date.


 “Careful, Miss. That’s my only nephew you’re holding.”
Jemisha knew the source of the deep, yet annoying, voice before she turned around – Mordecai Champion. It was only a matter of time before he said something to her. He was standing opposite of her on the other side of the food-filled island in the home of her Savannah and Harding – Savannah her best friend and Harding, Mordecai’s brother. In fact, he’d been standing there, watching her and sipping on a drink, pretending to be otherwise occupied by his forever ringing and dinging cell phone but that was just a front. He was watching her, and sipping.
Her eyes automatically rolled. She refused to pay him any attention. She bounced baby Harley and admired him for the beautiful baby that he was. He looked just like his father – same hazel eyes and all – and he smelled so good. And he was a calm baby – must’ve got that from Harding, too, because Savannah was anything but.
“Savannah had better thank her lucky stars you took after your daddy,” she said softly. “Ain’t that right, poochie, poochie?” she said in baby talk.
Baby Harley flashed a drooly, gummy smile.
“Hellooo?” Mordecai said, seeking to get Jemisha’s attention once more.
She looked up at him, her eyes sweeping over his tall frame. Not only was he tall, but he was gorgeous – like the dangerous kind of gorgeous that could get a woman in some serious trouble if she didn’t keep herself in check. He even had the look of a troublemaker – a bad boy. The type to act first and ask questions later. Whenever she saw him, he always had that insidious smirk on his face like he’d been up to something.
Probably had.
 Mordecai was a ladies man. Why wouldn’t he be? With black, slightly curly hair, he stood six-feet-four with an amazing pair of hazel eyes and skin creamy enough to be dessert. He always wore Polos that conformed to the shape of his muscular chest and arms with jeans that rode his hips like a cowboy on a racehorse at the Kentucky Derby. He had a pair of dark, black lashes – the kind most women would either kill for or buy – that curtained his beautiful eyes and a trimmed mustache that brought out the fullness of his, square lips.
After she was done smiling at Harley, Jemisha wiped the smile from her face, looked at Mordecai and said blandly, “Hi, Mordecai. How are you?”
“I’m me,” he responded.
Her eyes narrowed. I’m me. What kind of response was that? And why was he still staring at her, leaned up against the counter watching her like she was the sixty-inch flat screen mounted on the wall in the living room?
She decided to find out. “Um…did you want something?”
“I would like to spend some time with my nephew. You’ve been hogging him all evening.”
Her eyes narrowed to slits. “No, I haven’t. Savannah literally just handed him to me like five minutes ago.”
Mordecai grinned. She had, hadn’t she? But he didn’t care. Besides, it was no coincidence he’d visited the family on the same weekend Jemisha was here. He’d been planning a trip to Asheville for the longest, but with a heavy workload, he put off scheduling a definite date. Then his sister Zoya slipped up and asked him if he was coming this particular weekend because in her words, “Jemisha would be here, too” almost as if she’d known he’d taken a liking to Jemisha. She probably had. Zoya was observant like that.
So here he was, staring at the woman – Jemisha Rayford – his sister-in-law’s best friend. He’d seen her in passing but never paid much attention to her because honestly, he never paid any considerable amount of attention to any woman. Couldn’t have no broads thinking silly things that weren’t going to happen – like him actually wanting to be in a relationship.
Not Mordecai Champion.

Coming October 4, 2019!