Acquainted With Atlas - Pre-Release Thoughts

Greetings, reading fam! 

It's release week and I'm excited to share this story with you all. Acquainted With Atlas is my latest. It's different from anything I've ever written. I'm definitely stretching my imagination with this story. It gives you military vibes, there's an element of sci-fi, but trust it still has a good level of romantic suspense.

So, who's Atlas?

Atlas Zayvian is a reservist, posing as a biochemist. (You'll find out why soon). He's as handsome as they come with his blue eyes, but he's socially awkward due to his tumultuous past. He's never been in love. Never been in a relationship - never been in love. Never wanted to be. Then he met Bria in person and everything changed.

Bria Mallery is a pharmaceutical scientist. She's not posing. This is her real job. She's brilliant, was sought out by the company which she works. She meets Atlas in a way that throws her off balance, leaving her wondering why he singles her out when there are so many women at Genetix Industries who would gladly jump at the chance to date him.

But he's not interested in them.

He only has eyes for her.

I'm super excited about this project since it's a newish kinda genre for me. To keep the suspense level on point, this story, like some of my other series, is told in three parts so the first book will flow into the second and the second to the third, so you will have to read these stories in order. I hope you enjoy!

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