Acquainted With Atlas (The Hero Reservist Series, Book 1) - Book Description

December 13, 2014

Acquainted With Atlas
The Hero Reservist Series, Book 1

Setting: Alexandria, Virginia

Genre: Military Romance | Romantic Suspense | A touch of Sci-Fi

Book Description:

Army Reservist AKA Special Agent, Atlas Zayvian, has infiltrated Genetix Industries, not because he’s really a biochemist working on discovering breakthrough cures for common illnesses. No, his business here involves a woman with a mean strut who possesses effortless beauty and the brains to match.

She’s his ‘target’ – pharmaceutical scientist Bria Mallery.

Bria has no idea she’s in the agent’s crosshairs. Like all the other women at Genetix, she can’t deny the appeal of Atlas. With his blue eyes and caramel complexion, he’s a whole lot of eye candy and a whole lot of man. Bria soon discovers that his blatantly obvious, awkward personality is likely his downfall when it comes to establishing connections with people – that is until she begins to like the weirdness that comes along with him.

*Acquainted With Atlas is book one of The Hero Reservist Series. For the best reading experience, you must read these stories in order.

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