#TeaserTuesday - Friendship or a Relationship?

July 6, 2021

Zander (A St. Claire Novel)
is now available for Pre-Order on Amazon. The release date is August 6, 2021. 

For Teaser Tuesday, here's a little background on these two!

How They Met: Zander met Alyssa when his parents moved into her area - Columbia, South Carolina. He was assigned to her class in middle school. They were twelve. Now they're twenty-eight and still friends. Best friends.

Things Alyssa Regrets: Not telling Zander how she felt about him all those years ago. Zander was her everything. In many ways, he still is. Her mistake was thinking he knew how she felt already. I think a lot of women make this mistake. Men can't read your mind ladies.

Things Zander Likes About Alyssa: She's strong-minded. She likes to forge her own path. She's not afraid to take a risk, especially when it comes to business, and she's always there for him when he needs her.

Things Alyssa Likes About Zander: His personality. Some people think he's a little rough around the edges, but she's grown to appreciate him. He follows his own path. He values his family and friendships. And then there are those amazing green/brownish eyes of his...

Their story is a friends-to-lovers romance, one of my favorite tropes because I think it's a lot easier to fall in love with someone if you're friends first. Do you agree? Or if you're like Alyssa and Zander, you both could individually be thinking that a relationship will completely destroy a friendship, so you do nothing and say nothing about the way you feel and hope those feelings subside. But what if they never go away?

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