Lifetime Movie Review - Framed By My Husband

Review for Framed By My Husband that premiered on July 10, 2021 on Lifetime.

*SPOILER ALERT* Do not read if you haven't watched the movie yet.

June Lowe works at a hospital but is an aspiring writer. Her husband, Rick Lowe, is a writer and just learns that he made the New York Times Bestseller's List. The movie opens with him signing copies of his books and the women readers are supposed to be totally obsessed with him because of the kind of stories he writes.

One day out of the blue, June gets a letter in the mail from a woman who claimed Rick assaulted her and they're seeking money, fifty-thousand dollars, or they would go to the cops. Rick tells his wife that the fans are obsessed with him and he's never assaulted anyone. Together, they come up with a plan to pay them off, but he wants his wife to make the money drop...

That's how she gets framed.

I knew this Rick character was a little flaky to start. I mean, after all, the title is 'Framed By My Husband' but he certainly did a good job of pretending to be normal. I didn't like the fact that he didn't want his wife to be a writer, but always talked about his success. I think he brought up something about them having a baby to take her mind off of being a writer, but June isn't ready to be a mother.

June played a super naive role. First of all, I'm not going to meet anyone at night, in a parking garage with a suitcase full of money. I'm not going to meet anyone at night at a parking garage, period! And when June got there and saw that the people had been killed, she should've called the police then and there (and not touch anything) but she touched everything she could (SMH) and then jumped in the car and floored it back home to her conniving husband.

I don't remember what led the detectives to her house specifically but her husband threw her way up under the bus and planted evidence. You know what happens next...she gets arrested (well, sort of). She's so confused by everything that's happening, she falls and hits her head and has to go to the hospital where she's handcuffed to the bed with an officer sitting outside of her door. But not for long. She knocks the daylights out of one of the nurses with a food tray, uses a paperclip to free herself of the handcuffs and now she's free to do her own investigation of her husband.

Now we get to see who this man really is. Rick Lowe is an author, but he's PSYCHO. He uses a dating app to meet up with women. He wears a disguise (an ugly one at that...) uses an alias and assaults the women he meets. Afterward, he goes back to being the normal author. How his wife didn't know he was a little bonkers before he framed her is beyond me. She follows him, tries to convince the women he's meeting up with to go to the police, but they're not trying to listen to her.

Meanwhile, Rick is trying to move in on his wife's sister! He asked her out to dinner. He sent her roses. At one point he met her for coffee and tried to hold her hand. Eew!

Anyway, to make a long story short, the wife ends up solving the case because the police are clueless until the very end (as always the case with these types of movies). I think this concept has been done before so the movie didn't really give off an original vibe. The only surprise for me was that Rick was actually a predator. I thought he wanted to frame his wife because he wanted her younger sister and he wanted to have a child but June wasn't ready for that. I also thought he was being a creep to get more material for his next book. Oh, and I have to mention - I didn't like how dumb June's sister was. I think she should've had her sister's back and at first, she did not. All she did was cry and ask her why she killed those people. What??? And what woman you know leaves their cell phone on the table at a restaurant when they make a bathroom run?

Good one, Lifetime. *wink*