Weekend Fiance - Pre-Release Thoughts and Excerpt!

Jared and KeShana are back. They were first introduced in How to Love Me. Now, they have their own story. Here's what happened...

How To Love Me is a standalone novel and honestly, there weren't supposed to be any additional stories emerging from the book. But KeShana's character - y'all know - she was off the chain. After many email messages from readers, I finally decided to bring her story to life in an InstaLove 100+page romance. I wanted the story to be a lot shorter - like a short story - but it's longer than a short story - more like a novella. 

What to expect?

You'll meet the signature alpha male with Jared Delarosiere who presents KeShana Taylor with a proposition. You'll see KeShana's unfiltered personality on display and how Jared (who is the complete opposite in every way) handles her personality. You'll see two unlikely people fall in love. You'll smile, laugh, you may even shed a tear. (Y'all know me. I like my books emotional.)

The release date is April 3, 2020, but guess what? You can Pre-Order this title now!

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I know you'll enjoy this story. Be safe out there, stay inside and cozy up to a good book!