How To Love Me - Book Description

How To Love Me
A Standalone Novel

Setting: Huntersville, North Carolina; Charlotte, North Carolina

Book Description:

I’m a woman who thought I had it all – the renaissance man, a career I’m passionate about and a loving home. But rumors have distanced me from the man who said he’d love me forever. 

He says they’re lies. 

My intuition tells me they’re not although my heart wants me to believe otherwise. I struggle in this regard because I’ve noticed the change in Micah. He’s not the same man who said ‘I do’ and therefore I’m leaning toward ‘I don’t’. In life, you can’t predict how anything will turn out. Love is that way, too – a mystery – and sometimes, the person you thought you’d spend forever with is not the person you married.

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More Book Information:
There are two spinoff books written after How To Love Me. The first is Weekend Fiance, Jared and KeShana's story. The second is For Ruby, Micah and Georgiana's story.