#TeaserTuesday - Friends With My Ex?

Enjoy this preliminary excerpt of How To Love Me. [Please Note: All preliminary excerpts are subject to a few editing changes.]

Chapter 1


How did my soon-to-be ex-husband end up being my friend? That baffles me even now – close to a year after we realized we weren’t working as a couple. Me and Micah have been married for three years – only really together for two of those – and you wanna know what really sucks? Micah is a good man, and he’s quite the looker. He’s got the cliché tall, dark and handsome thing going for him just the way most women like ‘em. He’s fine enough to be a model if he wanted to be and therein lies the root cause for most of our issues – well, issues when we were together, that is. Micah knew how handsome he was and he enjoyed the attention from women a lil’ too much to be a married man. When I would bring up his flirtatious behavior, he’d downplay it and tell me I was – how did he put it? – delusional and insecure. Told me I had nothing to worry about. Said he only had eyes for me. I halfway believed him at first but then he got roses one day and they weren’t from me. I don’t know who they were from. I mean, what kind of desperate jumpoff sends a married man a vase of roses? In a stunning turn of new-age role reversal, was it now acceptable for women to send men flowers? There wasn’t a card with them and he stuttered his way through the argument, still pegging me insecure in the process. Romantically, we were pretty much over after that. If he wanted romance, he could holla at whoever sent him that desperate bouquet of grocery store roses.
Two months after Micah moved out of the four-bedroom house we shared, we started talking again. He was the initiator and though I was reluctant at first, reconnecting didn’t seem all that bad since the sixty days that had separated gave us both plenty enough time to sort through our feelings. Of course, our relationship wasn’t the same. Conversing with him wasn’t the same either, but at least we were talking, right? Most married people who’d separated hated each other. We were the anomaly.
We set some ground rules – if we were going to continue down this path as ‘friends’, we wouldn’t discuss any other relationships we may have developed along the way. We’d respect each other’s boundaries and keep things on a friendship level. My best friend KeShana thought I was crazy for being friends with him at all. She didn’t like Micah – called him a buster because, well, that’s what your best friend is supposed to call the man who broke her best friend’s heart. That, along with a few other choice words.
Did Micah Justus break my heart?
Let him tell it and the demise of our marriage was all my fault. Men are always looking to shift the blame to someone else, aren’t they? Can’t get ahead in life? Blame the man. Not making enough money? It’s the system. Marriage didn’t work out? It’s the wife. They can’t help it. It all started from the beginning of time and I’m talking Genesis: Adam and Eve. The Almighty asked Adam why he disobeyed and ate the fruit and what was ol’ Adam’s response? It was that woman you gave me…
Blame, blame, blame.

* * *

Releasing in February 2020. Exact release date TBD and will be announced soon.
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