This Past Year and What's Happening in 2020!

I put in work all 2019!

It was a whirlwind year for me as an author and I saw many firsts. My first novel of the year, Magnus, was a #1 New Release on Amazon. It's the first time I've reached that status so you can imagine my excitement? I made it! LOL! Magnus is my first book with over 100 reviews on Amazon - never thought I'd have that kind of reach. This year, I felt like readers were finally discovering my work and giving my work a try. Then my novel, Monty, achieved the same #1 New Release status as well as a few other books that came out this year including Winter Wonder!

I met more readers at book signings in South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia and Missouri. I've organized book discussions is my online reading group, something I thoroughly enjoy because my readers are lit and they are really into these stories. [Join my 'fans only' online reading group]

Two of my novels were listed among Keisha Irvin's top 15 book of 2019. [Watch her video HERE and discover other authors as well!] It's exciting for my work to be included on anyone's list!

Way back in the day, I poured my heart and soul into a manuscript and got rejected from a publication house. I was devastated, but I love writing, so I couldn't let that stop me. If I had, I wouldn't have made it to #1 New Release status. I wouldn't have met so many authors and wonderful readers in this great indie author community. My message to you in this new year is: If you've made a goal or resolution in 2020, whatever you're doing or trying to achieve, keep going. Don't give up. Your success is not determined by what other people think of you. If you like it, do it and KEEP doing it.

I never know what I'm going to write to be honest, but I know there are books my readers are eagerly awaiting, like Major St. Claire's story. He'll make an appearance this year. 

But start out the year, I'm going with two standalone novels. These stories are individual standalone novels that are in no way connected and they are not connected to any series books. Oh, and there will not be any additions to these books, no part twos or nothing like that. They are strictly standalones. One will be out in late January/early February. It all depends on my schedule. One is a contemporary romance, the other a romantic suspense/military romance. Look for more information on those on my Facebook page. 

This year will also bring another Champion novel, Blackstone novel, Lennox novella and the end to the Seasons of Love novellas. Who knows, I may even begin a new series! I'm going to leave my options open and enjoy the journey as a writer this year. I want to experiment with new ideas without being glued to my office chair. I plan to travel a bit more. I have two book signings in North Carolina - one in Gastonia and the other in Raleigh. [See the Events page for more details.] I'll also be in Atlanta and maybe a few other locations. 

Most of you know I'm a runner. I sometimes post pics on my IG [Follow me on Instagram] and I always had a goal to run a half marathon so maybe 2020 will be the year. I ran 50+ miles every month in 2019. I find so much inspiraton by keeping busy and staying active.

Lastly, I want to thank my readers for your suppoover the years. There are many of you I can call by name who leave reviews, always active on my social media and I love that. Y'all inspire me to keep going because honestly, some days as a writer, I question myself and whether I'm doing enough and writing well enough (I'm the hardest on myself) then I'll get an email or IG message or Facebook comment out of the blue from a reader saying how much they enjoyed a story. When I tell you that makes my day, I'm not just saying it to be saying it. It really does make my day! 

Thank you! I hope your 2020 is everything you hope it to be!