For Ruby (A Short Story) - Book Description

For Ruby
A Short Story

Setting: Huntersville, North Carolina

Book Description:

Micah’s first marriage to Indigo didn’t work out. He wanted it to, but when it’s revealed that he has an 'outside' daughter (Ruby), he knows his chances of getting back with Indigo are out the window.

Indigo has moved on.

Deciding it’s time he did the same, he tries to make it work with Ruby’s mother, Georgiana, but he finds himself struggling with letting go of the past. Georgiana is left in limbo – she doesn’t know if Micah truly wants a relationship with her or if he’s going through the motions – putting up with her simply because she’s his child’s mother.

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More About For Ruby:
For Ruby is a spinoff short story from How To Love Me. The characters in For Ruby first appeared in the novel How To Love Me which features the story of Indigo, Micah and Romello. It is currently available for sale on Kindle Unlimited.

Weekend Fiance is another spin-off of How To Love Me. It tells the story of Jared Delarosiere and KeShana Taylor - best friends of Indigo and Romello. Weekend Fiance is available on Kindle, Nook, Apple iBooks and all other eBook retailers. Visit the book page for more information.