Because She's In Love With Love

Ahmalee + Cain...

I think the reason this story resonated so well with me and readers is all because of Ahmalee Hayes. The woman has a heart of gold, but after a failed relationship years back she pours all her time and energy into her candle company. While work is good, she knows she's missing the component of her life that makes her truly feel alive. L-O-V-E-E-E and affection.

And along comes Cain Wesley...

I'm not going to lie - Cain is the man. In the beginning, you see him as homeless, but Ahmalee always saw him from the inside out. She saw his heart - not his physical condition. I think, so many times we pre-judge people by what we see on the outside and not for who they really are. Ahmalee didn't do that. She saw the potential of what and who Cain Wesley could become.

And then, she fell...

Fell so deep in love, she was heartbroken when they had to part ways. This two-part story had me on my toes. I enjoyed writing it so much. I love Ahmalee's vulnerability with Cain - loved how she was willing to do anything for him - give him her all and she loved unconditionally. She was in love with love and Cain was just the man to fill that void.

To my readers who fell in love with Ahmalee + Cain's journey from day one, thank you! I had an awesome time writing these stories and it's always a delight to hear how these stories connect with you all.

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