When Compassion Turns Into Passion...

When I Needed You is told almost one-hundred-percent from Ahmalee's perspective. She's the owner of Ivy and Eden Candles. She's also the woman who Cain has had his eyes on. Why?

Well...you'll see. For now, we'll say he likes her. Likes how she runs her store and has her own business. He likes her generosity. Her compassion. It becomes addictive after a while. It's something he's not accustomed to in his world. It's not how he is. It's refreshing to see it in action. How can she be this...this real?

More about Ahmalee:

Cain is a good man...?
Fell on hard times...
He needs help. He seeks it from Ahmalee. He never expected to be impressed by her. Never knew women like her existed. Never knew he could actually fall...

More about Cain:

When I Needed You is available for preorder on Amazon.
Release Date is July 17, 2020.