Enjoy this mini-excerpt from ROMULUS (A St. Claire Novel) coming June 25, 2018.

“You’re hard to miss, Mr. St. Claire. You’re tall…always wearing a suit when you come in. The ladies in my class can’t keep their eyes off of you. If you ask me, I think that’s why half of them show up.”
Romulus chuckled. “I doubt that.”
“What do you do for a living?” she inquired.
“I negotiate land contracts for St. Claire Architects.”
“Sounds stressful.”
He chuckled. “It can be and I’m sure yours is as well, but—”
“You can handle it,” she said, still reading him.
“Yes. I can handle it.”
“So, you said you were good at math…”
“Right, and I wasn’t saying it to pop my collar. I was emphasizing how a person, in this case, myself, can be extremely good at one thing—something complicated—but lack sorely in other areas. I don’t need to tap into my feelings to do complex math equations. I just do them. However, when it comes to people, I need the ability to break into my feelings and connect emotionally. I have it to a degree, but—”
“Let me interrupt you for a moment, Mr. St. Claire. I need to know what I’m working with here. Does this problem you’re having involve your dealings with your workmates or your personal relationships?”
“What would be your guess?”
“Hmm…” She crossed her arms and gave it some real thought. “If I had to guess, this probably has something to do with a personal relationship or lack thereof. Maybe someone special caught your eye and you don’t know how to relate to her.”
Romulus nodded. “Nice. Okay. I see you know your stuff, doc.”
“After twelve years of college, I better know something, hunh? I don’t have all this gray hair for nothing. I’m only forty-five.”
Romulus smiled.
“Okay. Now that I know there’s a woman involved, I can be more specific. So, you have feelings for this woman but you don’t know how to express those feelings.”
“There’s a reason why I’ve been single for so long. It’s easy for me to check out emotionally. I can be with a woman today and tomorrow, she’s nothing to me. But this woman—I don’t want to check out on her. I know myself well and I can tell you that the way I am currently, I’m not ready to be with her because she deserves more from a man. At the same time, I can’t have anyone taking her away from me.”

* * *

Release date June 25, 2018.
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