Coming This Summer...

Hi, fans! I'm jumping on the blog to give you an update on what's coming next from Tina Martin Publications. First off, I hope you all are doing well and getting ready for summer. The weather in Charlotte has been all over the place and it's about to heat up. But I'll be inside in my office working on books!

So, what's coming next?

I released RAMSEY last month, the second book in the St. Claire series. [The first book was ROYAL.] I decided to continue the series by releasing ROMULUS next. He's a bit more complicated and reserved than this brothers, but one thing is for sure - a man knows when a woman is feelin' him. And this woman just so happens to be his best friend, Siderra. Will he make a move before it's too late?

I'm also working on a summer novella because I love summer love stories! And please note - fans who are a member of my Facebook Group will have the opportunity to download the PDF version of the novella for FREE before it's released. I will only post it FREE for TWO days in the group and then it will be deleted. So, make sure you're a member of the group so you can download your free copy.

Happy Reading,