The Things Everson Lost (The Blackstone Family) - Book Description

The Things Everson Lost
(The Blackstone Family)
June & Everson

Setting: Wilmington, North Carolina

When a past love throws a marriage off balance...
Everson is one of those men. Those sexy, chocolate Blackstone men. He has the perfect house. In his wife, June Blackstone, he’s found a wonderful mate and marriage has been doing his body good. But the past has a way of finding its way to the present.

The past in the form of an old flame. Eliana Simmons. Everson's high school sweetheart...

Eliana moved away when they were younger. Seniors in high school. Now, work has made them cross paths, and those old feelings easily resurface, especially since Eliana was his first love - and she's not shy about confessing that she hasn't been able to get over him after all the years that have passed.

When Everson finds himself lying to June, he knows he’s in trouble. But this is just the beginning of what’s to come for a man who gives another woman the attention he should be giving his wife.

* * *

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*The Blackstone Family novels are all standalone books. You do not have to read them in any particular order.

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