Evenings With Bryson (The Blackstone Family) - Book Description

Evenings With Bryson
(The Blackstone Family, Book 1)
Kalina & Bryson

Setting: Wilmington, North Carolina


Kalina Cooper has been hiding her loneliness and personal problems by drowning herself in work – continuing her duties on until the late evenings at her Aunt Edith’s cafĂ©. Her happily ever after never has or never will involve a husband. As a teen, she watched her father walk out on her sick mother, and now, she doesn’t believe true love exists.

After a bad divorce from a cheating woman, Bryson Blackstone vows to never marry again. But he never expected to cross paths with a woman like Kalina Cooper. She's different. From what he has learned about her, he knows she doesn't believe in love but he doesn't know why. Now he plans to weasel his way into her life to find out because Kalina is just the woman he'd consider if he was crazy enough to fall in love again.

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*The Blackstone Family novels are all standalone books. You do not have to read them in any particular order.

Book 1 - Evenings With Bryson
Book 2.5 - Forever Us, Barringer and Calista Blackstone (A Short Story follow-up to Leaving Barringer)