The Best Thing He Never Knew He Needed (The Champion Brothers) - Book Description

The Best Thing He Never Knew He Needed
(The Champion Brothers, Book 3)

Setting: Asheville, North Carolina


At twenty-six, Sherita Wilkins is struggling to keep her photography business afloat. She doesn't need any distractions, especially from a man like Desmond Champion. She's dealt with his type before and doesn't wish to go there again. However, seeing her friends Emily and Melanie happy, and in love, makes her wonder when her happily ever after will come.

Desmond Champion is not like his brothers. He's not looking for a soul mate, partially because he already knows who his soul mate is - his kryptonite - Sherita Wilkins. That doesn't mean he wants a relationship with her. His heart belongs to him and only him. To give it away now would be absurd. That's why, for the last year, he's been staying away from her. By keeping her out of his sight, she'd stay out of his mind and nowhere near his heart. Besides, she was the type of woman who wanted all the things he didn't want - marriage and children being at the top of that list.

All was going well for the thirty-year-old bachelor until...

The Champion Corporation gets offered a multi-million dollar deal that hinges on Desmond's relationship with Sherita. It would be hard to avoid her when they would have to work together for this deal - one that would set The Champion Corporation apart from its competitors. One that was too good to turn down. But can he secure the deal without risking his heart? Will Sherita allow Desmond to play games with her heart?

Ride the wave of all the up and downs, twists and turns, back and forth to see if this Champion brother can let go of his arrogant, selfish ways and learn how to love a woman before she slips away.

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