#TeaserTuesday and Book Trailer - It's Honeymoon Time!

PLEASE READ: Honeymoon With a St. Claire is an add-on to the novel, MONTY. If you have not read MONTY, please do so before ordering/reading this book.

*This teaser is subject to change before the release date.

   I quietly admire this beautiful creation next to me – his distinctive nose, those lips embedded in a beautiful black beard, his captivating eyes. His smell…

   Oh, gosh.

   He operates the remote with his left hand. I slide my left leg behind him, the other is on his lap. I cross my legs at the ankle and squeeze him between my thighs before leaning into his chest, feeling clingy all of a sudden – overflowing with love and adoration. I close my eyes to relish in the feeling of having him all to myself. For the next two weeks, I get to be selfish. No Hawthorne Innovations. No family around. Just me and him.

   I feel like…


   I want him.

   I can’t suppress the feverish urge that overtakes me at this moment and makes my body throb in a way it never has before. I thought I could wait until we got to our destination before the need for him gripped me, but I can’t.

   I want him now.

   I look at him while he’s scrolling through the TV listing of movies. He looks lost. These movies don’t interest him because he has no idea what none of them are about.

   During his time scrolling, he must’ve asked me if I had a preference because he connects his gaze to my stare. He asks, “Is something wrong?”

   I swallow the knot in my throat as I stare back at him, mind filled with lusty thoughts. It doesn’t help that his dreamy eyes cast a spell on me and makes my already tingling body pulsate with desire. Is something wrong? Yeah, something’s wrong...

* * *

Release Date: July 19, 2019
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