Magnus St. Claire Isn't Your Typical Billionaire...

Magnus St. Claire isn't your typical billionaire. The man has ISSUES. But that's why I like him. HE HAS ISSUES. No one wants to read about the rich man who has it all together and Magnus certainly does not. Right out the gate [Chapter 1] you'll find out something about him that'll make your mouth fall open. But this is romantic suspense so everything will work out in the end, right?



Well, rest assured, this is a standalone novel so you don't have to wait to find out what'll happen. 

Back to the story...Magnus has his eyes on a waitress named Shiloh but not for the reason you may think. Is she pretty? Yes. Is she nice? Yes. Is he interested in dating her? Nope.

But he does want something. You'll find out what that something is in Chapter 1.

Final thoughts on Magnus before its release:

I haven't written a 90,000+ word novel in a looong time. That's because I never had a need to. When I write a story, I end it where it needs to end without adding a bunch of unnecessary scenes/dialogue. With Magnus, however, the story just flowed. Chapter after chapter. Scene after scene. I thought it was important that readers understood his perspective - as confusing and crazy as that perspective may be. With Magnus, everything is not what it seems. When I say he's broken, I mean it. He's broken. But we all have things about ourselves that we hide. Things no one else knows but us. Things we privately struggle with. He's no exception. Billionaires have problems, too! And that's one of the lessons in the novel. Money isn't everything. Some of the loneliest people in the world are rich. And this guy - shrew! I'll just let you read it. ;-)

I hope you enjoy the latest St. Claire novel as much as I enjoyed writing it!


  1. Hey there question should your books be read in order???

  2. You can read them in order if you like, but you don't have to. If you're referring to the St. Claire Series, you first meet Ramsey and Gianna in The Boardwalk Bakery Series, Baked With Love 1, 2 & 3. The Boardwalk Bakery Series should definitely be read in order. Following that series is the St. Claire Series. Book 1 is Royal. Book 2, Ramsey. Book 3, Romulus. Book 4 Regal. Book 5, Magnus. Reading in order is the best but not 100% required, especially Magnus.