Ready for a New St. Claire Novel? It's Coming in May!


I knew you weren't expecting this. Newsflash, neither was I. I had so many of you who fell in love with The Boardwalk Bakery Romance Series: Baked With Love 1, Baked With Love 2 and Baked With Love 3, that the question I received the most was, "Um, Mrs. Martin, when is Baked With Love 4 coming out?"

Welp, I never had plans to write a 4th book in that series. Honestly, I wasn't sure how many there would be, but three seemed to fit the bill. A trilogy. Ahh..refreshing.

But, wait...not so fast!

Y'all wanted to know more about Ramsey and Gianna...about their little 'cupcake'. Wanted to know if her quirky ways evened out a little. You needed to know how they were as a couple when it was all said and done. So I got to thinking...why not inform you of all that in an update book - a new St. Claire book. The first St. Claire novel was titled ROYAL (y'all know ROYAL) and so the second St. Claire book is titled: RAMSEY! 

Yes, Ramsey The Great, in all his glory will have his own book and guess what. Look for RAMSEY (A St. Claire Novel) coming at'cha real soon. The release date is Monday, May 14th for the ebook and paperback! You can read the book description here:


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