The Baby Daddy Interviews - Book Description

The Baby Daddy Interviews

Setting: Suffolk, Virginia


*Originally published under the title ‘All Falls Down’. If you’ve read ‘All Falls Down’ by Tina Martin, DO NOT read this book.*

What’s worse than waking up one morning to discover your husband is gone? How about realizing, at the same time, you’re pregnant?

That’s what happens to Breonna Morris. She’s devastated that her husband, Tyler, has left her, but she’s even more shocked to learn that he’s already found himself another woman. Now, she’s stuck being a single mother.

That is, until her best friend, Courtney, comes up with a crazy idea to put an ad in the local newspaper to find a “father figure” for Breonna’s baby. Reluctant at first, Breonna follows through with the idea and is thrilled with the responses she receives from the local men all vying to be her baby daddy. She holds interviews with the most qualified candidates, determined to find the perfect daddy for her baby. One man, in particular, catches her eye – Vaughn Ramos – a sexy, tall Puerto-Rican papi who wants to play daddy in more ways than one.

But there’s a problem with her plan – Tyler, her real baby daddy – doesn’t know she’s pregnant.

* * *

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