Man of Her Dreams - Book Description

Man of Her Dreams
(A Cozy Winter Romantic Suspense))

Setting: Charlotte, North Carolina; Boone, North Carolina


Elsie Evans claims she doesn’t date because she has yet to meet the man of her dreams. She doesn’t think he exists in real life. But what if he did? Would she date him or retreat o the safety of her boring, ordinary life?

That’s what her best friend, Priscilla, wants to find out. She devises a plan to test that theory by scoping out her bestie’s dream man – a handsome Trevor Myerson – a man who would satisfy any woman’s dreams.

Elsie knows Trevor’s the vision of her dream man the moment she lays eyes on him. The sparks fly when they meet. He takes her out while Priscilla is secretly in the background, pulling the strings.

Will Elsie still be interested in Trevor when it’s revealed their meeting each other wasn’t by chance?
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