#TeaserTuesday - You Have No Idea


I released my newest novel, Royal (A St. Claire Novel) on October 20, 2017. I'm so grateful that it is currently on Amazon's Top 100 Bestseller's list in the Romance Category! Thank you to all the readers who embraced Royal and Gemma's story.

Royal was originally introduced to you in Baked With Love (The Boardwalk Bakery Series). He's the younger brother of Ramsey. (I know y'all remember Ramsey and Gianna!) Anyway, Royal has a thing for Gemma, Gianna's sister, and he's pretty open about it to everyone else while giving Gemma subtle clues, but she doesn't think he's interested in her beyond just being friends. Here's a teaser from Chapter 1:

“This is my first time on a boat,” she told him.
“I know.”
“And I’ve never danced with a prince before,” she quipped.
He chuckled. “Well, this is my first time dancing with a princess.” My princess.
Gemma cackled. “Oh please, Royal. I see some beautiful woman checking you out whenever we’re together. I know you’ve dated some princesses in your day.”
“Just because a woman is beautiful doesn’t make her a princess. It’s about class. The way she carries herself. The way she treats others.”
Gemma nodded, appreciating the fact that a man actually looked beyond the outer layer of a woman to see what she was really made of. She was glad that he was that kind of good-hearted, common sense person. “Hey, I just thought about something. I can’t stay with you tonight.”
“Why not?” he asked failing at an attempt to hide a frown because he wanted her to stay with him more than anything.
“I don’t have any clothes.”
“Nice try, but we’re still in Lake Norman. We can swing by Ramsey’s and pack an overnight bag for you.”
“Oh. Okay, then. Problem solved, I guess.”
Royal squeezed her waist again. Licked his lips again, finding it a challenge to take his eyes off of her lips.
“Hey, you know the music just stopped, right?” she asked, looking at him instantly feeling the heat of his eyes on her lips. She moistened them. “Royal?”
“Yes?” he asked, connecting his gaze to hers.
“The music stopped.”
“I know.”
She chuckled uncomfortably. “Then why are you still cinching my waist?”
He offered up a half shrug. “No reason.”
Gemma’s cheeks reddened before she wrapped her hands around his wrists moving his hands away from her body for the second time this evening. Feeling like they needed a break because she definitely needed time to maintain a steady heartbeat again, she said, “I’ll be back. I’ma go holla at Gianna for a second.”
“Okay. Hurry back so I can do some more grabbing.”
Gemma stuck her tongue out at him and he pretended to grab it and toss it inside of his mouth, making fake chewing movements. She laughed, then continued walking over to where Gianna was standing.
All the while, Royal watched every single step she took, eyeing her fit, little body down and secretly rejoicing that he’d have her all to himself tonight. At his crib. In his arms. He could hardly wait.


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