Royal (A St. Claire Novel) - Book Description

A St. Claire Novel, Book 1

Setting: Charlotte, North Carolina; Lake Norman, North Carolina


Royal St. Claire was drawn to Gemma Jacobsen from the start. It was an instant connection – one he’s never had with another woman. But he has it with her.

When Gemma was on her sickbed, he loyally stayed by her side, helped nurse her back to health and the two became the best of friends in the process. That friendship grew into something deeper. Something Royal, the picky bachelor, couldn’t deny. Something he didn’t want to deny. It evolved into…


But no matter how Royal sees her, Gemma knows their friendship can’t be anything more than what it is. Why? Because, in her eyes, he’s got himself together. And the man is fine – the picture of male perfection – while she’s just – well – the lighthearted sick girl who doesn’t have a life. She’s no good for him – no matter how badly he wants her and no matter how much she needs him. Even still, the push-pull force of their attraction proves to be more powerful than they both can bear.

Still, doubts linger. Gemma doesn’t have much experience with men. Correction: Gemma doesn’t have ANY experience with men – but she knows that true LOVE is loving someone more than you love yourself. It’s how she feels for Royal, and that’s why she knows in her heart that he deserves better.

Amazon Top 100 Bestseller in Books/Literature & Fiction/African American/Romance

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*Royal is a spinoff, standalone novel from The Boardwalk Bakery Series. The Boardwalk Bakery Series tells Gianna and Ramsey's story in three books: Baked With Love, Baked With Love 2 and Baked With Love 3. Reading The Boardwalk Bakery Series before this novel is recommended but not required.

*The St. Claire novels are all standalone books about the St. Claire men. You do not have to read them in any particular order.

Book 1 - ROYAL (Royal and Gemma)
Book 2 - RAMSEY (Ramsey and Gianna)
Book 3 - ROMULUS (Romulus and Siderra)
Book 4 - REGAL (Regal and Felicity)
Book 5 - MAGNUS (Magnus and Shiloh)
Book 6 - MONTY (Montgomery and Cherish)
Book 6a - Honeymoon With a St. Claire (Montgomery and Cherish follow-up story. You must read MONTY first.)
Book 7 - MAJOR (Major and Selah)
Book 8 - ZANDER (Zander and Alyssa)

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