The Marriage Chronicles


The Marriage Chronicles is series of short stories chronicling the lives of Cameron and Kerri Valentine. Each episode tackles some aspect of their life and the process they go through to work out their problems. Of keeping their marriage intact despite the struggles of everyday life.

Meet The Cast:

Cameron Valentine, 39, is a construction worker. A manly man who's good with his hands. His days are long and when he gets home, all he wants to do is kick back with a cold one and relax while watching a little TV and eating a lot of dinner.

Keri Valentine, 35, is what society likes to call a 'supermom'. Between working her own full-time, administrative assistant job, running Aiden to little league practice and picking up (and dropping off) Cheyenne at preschool, she has no time to relax. How can she? Dinner needs to be cooked. The house needs to be cleaned. Laundry needs to be done and somebody has to make sure the kids take a bath and brush their teeth before going to bed...

Eight-year-old Aiden is his father's little twin. He loves little league baseball as much as he enjoys playing catch with his father in the backyard.

Four-year-old Cheyenne is a two-afro puff wearing, know-it-all who's scared of the dark. She thinks preschool was made just for her and is a bonafide daddy's girl. She can't stay out of her mother's makeup.

Episode 1, Life's a Beach is available now!