Baked With Love 3 (The Boardwalk Bakery Romance) - Book Description

Baked With Love 3
The Boardwalk Bakery Romance

Setting: Lake Norman, North Carolina; Charlotte, North Carolina; Atlanta, Georgia


What do you do when you like REALLY like someone, but the timing is all wrong...?

Gemma has always been Gianna's chief priority, but now Gianna feels guilty for allowing her involvement with Ramsey to come between her close bond with her sister. Drowning amidst her own internal conflicts with her mother whom she resents so much while continuously caring for her ill sister, Gianna doesn't know what happiness is anymore. Scratch that. She does! She's found happiness with Ramsey. She likes being with him, and he seems to enjoy being with her. But how on earth is she supposed to give her heart to, and fall in love with, a man whom she knows can't love her back? She knew he was looking for companionship from the beginning - not love. Why would a man who can have anything he wants, any woman he wants, tie himself down to her? Yeah, definitely not love.

But what if...

What if Ramsey St. Claire can finally face his past and come to terms with losing Leandra? Will that free up his heart for endless possibilities with Leandra? He can't very well move on into a new relationship with Gianna when he's still holding on to the past, can he? If he's still harboring deep-rooted pain? Still grieving after fifteen years? He's a man - a smart, alpha. He realizes that he must let go of Leandra if his relationship with Gianna has any chance of survival. But knowing and doing are two completely different things. Besides, maybe he can string Gianna along long enough for her to accept their relationship for what it is - mere companionship.

Nah, he couldn't do that to the sweet, cupcake lady, could he?

* * *
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*The Boardwalk Bakery Series is a three-part continuation series. You must read these books in order.

Book 1 - Baked With Love