Who is Everson Blackstone?

In the forthcoming novel, The Things Everson Lost, you'll get to know Everson Blackstone. At 32 years old, he's the youngest of the Blackstone brothers. (His sister Candice is the youngest sibling.) Everson is easygoing. Laid back. A lot of his time is devoted to work. Unlike three of his siblings, he didn't join the family business. He ventured off to do his own thing, running a successful analyst business. And no one thought he'd ever marry. He said he would never wed, and he never gave an explanation as to why.
That changed, though, when he met June. A year into marriage, he's loving it. Loving her. But then the past comes back knocking...and we find out why it took him so long to fall in love again.

Here's a clip from The Things Everson Lost:

So, for two weeks, Everson worked one-on-one with Eliana, telling himself that he would keep things strictly professional. He was a man. He could handle it. He could decipher if, or when, things started to go too far – when he needed to pull back, hit the brakes and go running home to June. He could handle the business lunches where they’d talk all things Seaton and discussed previous accounting software the company had used in the past. Then those business lunches weren’t enough.
_ _ _ _ _

If he's so happy, who's this Eliana woman? Find out in the full novel, coming March 10, 2017!