February 5, 2015

"Loved this story, Magnus was mess, Shiloh was mess also, what a beautiful mess. Can't wait to read about the siblings and cousin's he has yet to meet. It was really good, I didn't want it to end. Miss. Martin you're an Awesome writer, truly love all your books. Please keep them coming, love reading your stories. This one is for Hallmark movies." - Review of Magnus (A St. Claire Novel)

"As I sit here crying, sappy me loves a happy ending. Magnus and Shiloh's story is one of finding love when you least expect it. I can not wait to read about Magnus meeting the family he never knew he had. Thank you, Tina Martin, I'm enjoying the St. Claire novels. You would think I'm part of the family. Crying at the passing of Shiloh's papa, her and Magnus' disconnect and their reunion. I'm patiently waiting for the next book!!! Happy reading!!" - Review of Magnus (A St. Claire Novel)

"Very well written. How does one move on from a grief that is so much bigger than you? That is the question to be answered in this book. Mangus not only experiences a tragic event that would make it hard to get up in the morning but it is one mixed with guilt, The pain he experiences causes him to come up with an elaborate plan on how his legacy will continue. Enter Shiloh, a woman who is realistic but makes no actions in her life because she is taking it day by day and who is a caregiver to her father. She is stuck but she has hope but no way to put into place the things she knows can help her. Mangus and Shiloh are both hurting and the question is will they help one another or will they injure the other? This book allows the characters to be unveiled a little at a time. Their actions even surprise them which makes their unveiling so captivating. Their surprise is our surprise. I loved this book. It wasn't the normal light-hearted story. However, it was a story who caused your heart to be light at the end as they find their way together." - Review of Magnus (A St. Claire Novel)

I read all St. Claire novels and when I saw this I'm like who is he all the brothers were done. Low and behold he's a cousin. It will be very interesting to see them progress as a couple and how Magnus' siblings will be introduced. While I know people generally do not like series I have no problem with it, please do these characters justice. On to my thought of the story. Mag and Lo what can I say. Two damaged individuals that needed each other. Mag is Ramsey 2.0 so I love his drive and motivation to go after what he wants. He was a foster child that made good and had an unspeakable tragedy along the way that almost cost him his life. Lo is his light. Although she is damaged she's in touch with her emotions. As they both came around the story heated up. This one was definitely worthy of a purchase. Keep the St. Claire books coming. - Review of Magnus (A St. Claire Novel)

"He's been by Gemma's side from the moment he met her. It could have started out as innocent as feeling bad for his sick sister in law, but it turned into something much more. Gemma is young and very naive, so the attention Royal is giving her repeatedly flies right over her head. When he does make things plain and simple, she can't seem to understand why this is all happening. I love his take-charge attitude because that's what they need in order to move forward. Sweet story and continuation to the St. Claire Series." - Review of Royal (A St. Claire Novel)

"Love Royal. I've read and reread this book many times because I think Royal is a sweetheart. He and Gemma belonged together and when they were first introduced I was hoping they would end up together. Keep it coming, Tina, you are one of my favorite authors." - Review of Royal (A St. Claire Novel)

"Even though Romulus was the most complex of the St. Claire men, he was the most loving. His challenge was allowing himself to express those emotions. I think he felt he was broken and lived life like that, detached from others in a meaningful way. What he didn’t realize is that he had already emotionally attached himself to Siderra, even if he couldn’t understand it. The fact that he was willing to make himself better for her and chose not to continue his superficial dating shows his true self. Rom and Derra are the cutest together! Can’t wait for Regal’s book." - Review of Romulus (A St. Claire Novel)

I knew Romulus story would be a dynamic story, and very complex. He is the brother I have the hardest time focusing on his faults when he is easily a nice guy. It was nice to see him getting the help to deal with his quirkiness.... Loved loved this story as much as I love the St Claire men..." - Review of Romulus (A St. Claire Novel)

Ramsey possesses such a pure love for his soulmate and wife Gianna, that at times, it appears overbearing and stifling, the sign of an unselfish love, makes you realize compromise is absolutely necessary. As Ramsey evolves, his compromising skills expand, making his wife comfortable with the idea of establishing a relationship with her absentee mother. Pregnant with their first child, excitement and anticipation have this couple, along with friends and family in celebration mode, giving time for reflecting in each characters life. I've read the Baked in Love series, was glad to get more insight through this book, however, I'd really like for Felicity and Regal to explore an in-depth chemistry, after all, that's got to be the reason for the "in your face" banter. - Review of Ramsey (A St. Claire Novel)

"I'm so glad we got another book featuring Ramsey and Gianna. I fell in love with them in the Boardwalk Bakery series, so to give them another book made my day. I absolutely love those St. Claire men and the women in their lives. These are sexy, hardworking, grown men, and the ladies that captures their attention better be ready for some strong loving. Lol, "baby hands"! This was a fantastic follow up with a hint at what's to come." - Review of Ramsey (A St. Claire Novel)

"I loved this story so much. And the hero and heroine stole my heart. Gianna gave new meaning to the word quirky. From the start of the story until the last page, Gianna had me laughing at her way of thinking. Rose colored glasses and all. The sad part about the story was her insistence that she had to take care of her dying sister at any cost. The hero, Ramsey St Clair had no idea what he was getting into when he stopped by Gianna's bakery for coffee.. She warmed his heart, quirks, and ditzy conversations and all... I can't wait for part two." - Review of Baked With Love

"Ms. Martin I'm a huge fan of your work and I must say that this new series is going to be the death of me. First of all, I cried and laughed the first few chapters. I'm so emotional right now. I'm loving where you're going with these two ( Ramsey & Gianna) can't wait for the next installment and what lies ahead for the rest of the St. Claire Brothers." - Review of Baked With Love 

"What a storyline, I'm speechless. You couldn't ask for a better novel, the only thing that I'm upset about is having to wait to read Book 2 next month. But on the real, this was an amazing story, full of twists and turns and suspense. I was holding my breath at some points. ENJOY :)" Review of Baked With Love

"OMG! What a heart-warming story of love. I can't wait for the third installment. A story of Gianna and her sister who have gone through hardship growing up now facing a life-threatening challenge. Then steps in Ramsey and this amazing ride of true love(even though Ramsey hasn't recognized it ) starts. At times tear-jerking but funny.......and oh just love..love..love. What more can I say? Great job Tina!" - Review of Baked With Love 2

I read a lot of romance novels.......and I mean a lot. I stumbled on this series book 1 .......and boy was that a scrumptious cupcake or what! What a man, what a mighty good man. The series was just packed with a myriad of emotions...but mostly the good kind. I just loved but the hero and heroine. After book 2 I couldn't wait for the 3rd. It made my day to learn the release date of this final book, from visiting your website. June 30th, at six in the morning I purchased it. Never put us through this waiting game....no matter how short, again Tina. But truly I admire you for not making your readers wait too long unlike many writers. I just can't decide between this series and dying to love which is number one. Thanks for a job well done. Keep 'em coming." - Review of Baked With Love 3

This book was off the chain! I ran across the first book by accident read it and I was hooked. I told my sister about it and got her hooked also. Tina, I want to thank you for not having us wait so long for book 3. I loved this series SO much that I'm about to go and start me a Tina Martin collection and I am not stopping until I have bought all of your books. THANKS AGAIN TINA!!!! - Review of Baked With Love 3

"I love Remy and Emmie. It was good to see how they first met and everything started. Even though I have read "Claiming You", it didn't take away from this story. A sweet, short story!" - Review of Caught in the Storm with a Lennox

"Evenings With Bryson is an incredibly sweet and touching story about unconditional Love. Kalina has never loved and has no desire to ever love. Bryson has experienced love and the ultimate betrayal. Together they learn true love. This is another smash hit by Tina. I was enraptured by this moving story from page one and I can't wait to catch up with more of the Blackstone family. One-click now." - Review of Evenings With Bryson

"I really enjoyed the Champion brothers thus far! Looking forward to the final book with Des." - Review of When a Champion Wants You 

"Great story, totally enjoyed it with laughter, tears and smiles." - Review of All Falls Down

"Excellent read." - Review of His Paradise Wife

"I really enjoyed Marco and Serena...as a happy endings reader, I was glad that they were able to pull it together." - Review of Might As Well Be Single

"I'm glad I came across this. I read one and two and I was surprised for a story to finish off the story of what happens down the line between Andre and Ava. When communicating becomes difficult, two people fall away from each other and have a hard time finding their way back. We get to see the road these two have to travel to make things right. Great story." - Review of Dying To Love Her 3

"Once you start reading it, you're hooked. - Review of Watch Me Take Your Girl

"Intriguing." - Review of Accidental Deception

"Wow, this book was great! I went through various emotions as I read this book. I was mad, happy, sad and hopeful just to list a few. I love the heroine in the book and the hero really irritated me. I am rooting for Tyson...so ready to read book two to find out what happens next. - Review of The Millionaire's Arranged Marriage

"This was the most touching story ever. To love someone so much you die for them. I just love this story. When I first read some of the comments, I said to myself I don't want to read a sad story about someone who was going to die. I'm glad I changed my mind. This is a great read. It's a real love story, with a lot of up and down." - Review of Dying To Love Her 2

"Really loved this book, didn't put it down until I finished. Can't wait until the next book comes out." - Review of Dying To Love Her

"A great novel full of betrayal, heartache and redemption, Tina Martin's Secrets on Lake Drive has it all: humor, romance, thrilling suspense and a movie-quality plot line." - Review of Secrets On Lake Drive

"This book was great. I didn't want to put it down. It was like I was sitting in the room with them." - Review of Accidental Deception

"All I can say is wow, the author definitely did her thing. This is my first time reading anything from this author, but it will not be my last." - Review of Accidental Heartbreak

"A must-read. This is definitely one of the best books I have ever read. Such a wonderful love story." - Review of Accidental Lovers
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