Might As Well Be Single - Book Description

Might As Well Be Single

Setting: Charlotte, North Carolina


When a woman’s fed up...

Serena Alvares loves her family, but she can no longer accept the current state of her relationship. She married the man of her dreams, Marco Alvares, but after she gave birth to their daughter, Kiara, two years ago, their marriage took a nose dive. Marco is never home. Even when he’s home, he isn’t home and he certainly isn’t a father to their daughter.

Serena finds herself raising Kiara alone while Marco does whatever he wants, taking her hard work as a dedicated mother for granted. Fed up with the marriage, Serena concludes that if she’s going to do it all, she might as well be single and happy instead of married and miserable.

But after Marco realizes his mistakes as a husband, is it too late for him to put this family back together?

* * *