Dilvan's Redemption (The Alexanders, Book 5) - Book Description

Dilvan's Redemption 
(The Alexanders, Book 5) 

Setting: Belize, Central America; Outer Banks, North Carolina


Everyone has a past, but not everyone has a past like Dilvan Alexander…

Haunted by a shady past, Dilvan Alexander is on a journey to redemption, seeking ways to make amends to those he hurt. He knows he must do so if he will ever find peace within himself so he can move forward with a life free of guilt. But just how does a man redeem himself when the people whom he hurt doesn’t acknowledge or accept that he has taken accountability for his actions?

Leaving North Carolina behind in search of peace and solace, Dilvan settles into his beach house in Belize. He plans to take all the time he needs to reevaluate his life. In the process, he’s left his family behind to worry about him – afraid that he’d make a second attempt to end his own life, only this time, there will be no one there to stop him.

But one of his family members has a plan…

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