Release Date: April 15, 2015 

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"I really enjoyed the Champion brothers thus far! Looking forward to the final book with Des." - Review of When A Champion Wants You

"Great story, totally enjoyed it with laughter, tears and smiles." - Review of All Falls Down

"Excellent read." - Review of His Paradise Wife

"I really enjoyed Marco and a happy endings reader, I was glad that they were able to pull it together." - Review of Might As Well Be Single

"This is an amazing story about how you can love someone who has a health problem and can't let go because you are afraid or hurting them, but it hurts both of them and he almost loses the love of is life. - Review of Dying To Love Her 3

"I'm glad I came across this. I read one and two and I was surprised for a story to finish off the the story of what happens down the line between Andre and Ava. When communicating becomes difficult, two people fall away from each other and have a hard time finding their way back. We get to see the road these two have to travel to make things right. Great story." - Review of Dying To Love Her 3

"Once you start reading it, you're hooked. - Review of Watch Me Take Your Girl

"Couldn't put it down." - Review of Her Premarital Ex

"Intriguing." - Review of Accidental Deception

"I love this book and cannot wait for the next book in the series." - Review of The Millionaire's Arranged Marriage

"Wow, this book was great! I went through various emotions as I read this book. I was mad, happy, sad and hopeful just to list a few. I love the heroine in the book and the hero really irritated me. I am rooting for ready to read book two to find out what happens next. - Review of The Millionaire's Arranged Marriage

"This was the most touching story ever. To love someone so much you die for them. I just love this story. When I first read some of the comments, I said to myself I don't want to read a sad story about someone who was going to die. I'm glad I changed my mind. This is a great read. It's a real love story, with a lot of up and down." - Review of Dying To Love Her 2

"Really loved this book, didn't put it down until I finished. Can't wait until the next book comes out." - Review of Dying To Love Her

"A great novel full of betrayal, heartache and redemption, Tina Martin's Secrets on Lake Drive has it all: humor, romance, thrilling suspense and a movie-quality plot line." - Review of Secrets On Lake Drive

"This book was great. I didn't want to put it down. It was like I was sitting in the room with them." - Review of Accidental Deception

"All I can say is wow, the author definitely did her thing. This is my first time reading anything from this author, but it will not be my last." - Review of Accidental Heartbreak

"A must-read. This is definitely one of the best books I have ever read. Such a wonderful love story." - Review of Accidental Lovers

"I immensely enjoyed this book. I recommend it to anyone looking for a good love story." - Review of Can't Just Be His Friend