#TeaserTuesday - Who Is She??

A snippet from my new novel, The Things Everson Lost.


- - - 

Thoroughly seduced by Eliana’s words, he agreed. He’d gotten caught up with staring at her pretty face – appreciating the beautiful woman she grew up to be – her light skin tone, mesmerizing jet black eyes and the way her body was filled out now that she was a full-grown woman. He enjoyed the temporary trip down memory lane, relishing in the memories only they had shared. Not to say his accepting her proposal was her fault because he was the married one. He was responsible for his own decisions.

She led him to the apple. She didn’t make him bite it.

And so that’s where he found himself now – with Eliana in Myrtle Beach for the weekend, standing near the big wheel, in a trance, wondering what he’d do if June ever found out where he really was this weekend.

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So, Everson is with Eliana. Ahem...she's not his wife, so why is he with her? Get The Things Everson Lost from these places:

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A New Release! - The Things Everson Lost (A Blackstone Family Novel)

I know you guys have been waiting for Everson's story. I read your emails and according to the poll on my website, 'The Blackstones' is the family that you most want to read about this year. So, start the year off with right Everson Blackstone. (BTW...is it just me, or is this year flying by? Can't believe it's mid-March already!) If you haven't read my post regarding Everson you can read it here:

Who is Everson Blackstone?

The Things Everson Lost follows the lives of Everson Blackstone and his wife, June Blackstone. Lately, Everson has been extra busy, always working and something out of the norm - he suddenly doesn't want June to travel with him on his business trips. She always travel with him. It was his idea. Now, all of a sudden, he'd rather go alone. Hmmm...I wonder why.

In this book, you will read about real-life situations in marriage and relationships as well as get an update on your favorite Blackstone men: Bryson, Barringer, Garrison, Rexford & Colton. Also, catch up with Kalina, Calista and Candice.

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