Vacation Interrupted - Book Description

Vacation Interrupted (A Short Story)

Setting: Virginia Beach, Virginia


Carmen's life and marriage to Kenneth was perfect...that is until she found out she had breast cancer and would have to have a mastectomy to save her life. Unable to deal with his wife's possible fate, Kenneth leaves her and flees to the West Coast, hoping to forget about her and start over.

Carmen, a day shift nurse, suffered for six months without her husband by her side, but now it's time to rediscover herself. She takes a vacation to Virginia Beach for much needed relaxation. All is well until she discovers that her soon-to-be ex-husband is vacationing at the same beach.

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The Crush - Description

The Crush (A Short Story)

Setting: Charlotte, North Carolina


After being married for five years, Sherri is bored with her marriage to Greg. He constantly complains about his job and she can't remember the last time he took her on a date.

When she runs into her high school crush, Devon Mitchell, she feels excitement that she hasn't felt in a long time. Devon asks her out to dinner and she accepts his offer, but is this just a dinner between former high school acquaintances? Or does Devon have more up his sleeve?

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Secrets On Lake Drive - Book Trailer

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Secrets On Lake Drive - Book Description

Secrets On Lake Drive, A Novel

Setting: Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Monica’s life is certainly no fairytale. She’s failed at a relationship, at being a mother and at twenty-four, teaching is her only passion. She singles out Sean Beauvais, one of her student’s fathers – at a parent-teacher conference, and schools him about taking care of his son. Their exchange gets heated, but later, Sean realizes that he can use Monica’s passion to his advantage; offering her a high-paying summer job being his son’s live-in babysitter.

Against her better judgment, Monica accepts his offer. Can she handle staying focused on her babysitting gig for three months, or will the job be too much for the young, conservative teacher to handle?

Secrets On Lake Drive is an emotional story about a woman looking to correct wrongs in her life that could easily be solved by the secrets Sean quietly carries with him. The question is, will he ever care enough to tell her?

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Can't Just Be His Friend - Book Description

Can't Just Be His Friend, A Novel

Setting: Virginia Beach, Virginia


At twenty-four years of age and a new college graduate, Tiffany Water is serious about her future, hoping to have one with her best friend Reggie.

Reggie, however, is not interested in her. Besides, he has a girlfriend, Shontay. But when Tiffany meets Derrick Brooks, Reggie becomes jealous. He comes up with every reason why Derrick is not right for his best friend. In his eyes, no man is good enough for her – only him.

In the end, it is Tiffany who has the final say, and it just may be too late for Reggie.