Readers Love Weekend Fiance!

July 2, 2020

Check out these Amazon Reviews for Weekend Fiance:

"This was a great fun read. So much feisty, witty banter which makes the characters relatable. I wish it was a little longer but everything that needed to be said (or written) was said and did not feel rushed. The author's penmanship was good and made this an easy and pleasant read."

"Tina Martin has done it again. Jared and Keshana were an unlikely pair. I didn't know where this story was going from the beginning. How do you become a weekend fiance to a permanent wife? Though short, this story had a lot of twists and turns. I laughed, I cried, and I was unexpectedly surprised. Jared and KeShana are perfect together. This story will suck you in from the start. Purchase this book and read it for yourself. I promise you will not be disappointed!"

"I have laughed so much reading this story I didn’t want it to end KeShana is hilarious I fell in love with her she is so funny and Jared knew how to get it out of her so I say this story is fire and with everything going on now you need a few laughs to keep from crying even though I shed a tear or two for Jared. I would love to read about this couple again! Thanks for another good one, Tina!"
"KeShana is the life of the party and an around the way girl. Jared is a wealthy and intense businessman. KeShana, agrees to be his fiancee, but didn't plan to fall in love. Jared, knows that there is something about KeShana that draws him to her. However, an unfortunate event test their budding relationship, and Jared must deal with his pain before they can move forward."

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