#TeaserTuesday - Watching His Bae

July 10, 2018

Enjoy this mini-excerpt from my new novella, Bae Watch, coming July 16, 2018. *Excerpt is unedited and subject to change*

Kenzo took a sip of beer. Just like he’d set up a good spot to watch her earlier when he was on the beach, this evening he found a nice lookout point at a tucked away table in the oceanside restaurant which provided a good view to where Kira was sitting. There’s no way she could see him from this far away and that’s what he wanted – time to watch her be her.

She was still as beautiful as the day they’d met. The hanging, overheard deck lights gave her skin a soft glow that highlighted the smooth chocolate skin he always loved. Her black hair was crimpled. She loved wearing it loose and free and he loved seeing it that way – used to love playing in it. She had on a lime green beach dress that was cut low enough to show a small amount of cleavage and long enough to cover her ankles. She was always classy with her sexiness. The only time she showed a significant amount of skin was when she was wearing a swimsuit. As hot as it was in South Carolina in July, people probably wore swimsuits around the house.

He saw her stretch, then she checked her phone and smiled. He wished he knew what bought the expression of happiness to her face. Wish he knew what was going on in her life at this particular moment. But he didn’t know a thing. He’d been watching her on the beach for two days now without her knowledge, and since she was alone tonight and appeared relaxed after sipping on a mango daiquiri, he decided that now was the perfect time to get reacquainted.

Coming July 17, 2019 to Kindle, Kindle Unlimited and Paperback.

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