Bae Watch - Excerpt

February 5, 2014

Chapter One

In the heat of a steamy July day on one of South Carolina’s finest beaches, Chad followed Kenzo’s eyes to the tall, chocolate beauty walking along the edge of crisp water that foamed along the shoreline. Her long, black hair was wet, drenched in salt water and hanging long and free down her back. The blue bikini she had on was so thin, it would be dry before she left the beach. She was tall and thick in all the right places with enough curves to make her own waves. Sexiness dripped off of her like the water dangling on the edge of her hair. Kissed by the sun, melanin on fleek, her body was toned to a perfect complexion and toned in a fit way. A turn-heads kind of way. She was the type of woman who made men lower their sunglasses to see her with unrestricted vision.
Kenzo’s glasses were already lowered when Chad said, “Daaang. Lil’ Mama got it going on.” He nibbled his lip. “Woo!”
Kenzo looked over at his cousin who was in the beach chair lounged next to him. “Who are you talking about?”
“That brown sugar babe right there—the one you can’t seem to take your eyes off of.”
Kenzo grinned off his comment and crossed his sand-covered feet. “I don’t know what you’re talking about man.” He turned up his Corona, taking a long pull from the bottle in an attempt to drink it all while it was still cold. In ninety degrees, the heat would make the beer lukewarm in a matter of minutes, and he couldn’t stand warm beer.
He hadn’t seen Chad in years especially since Chad was living in Montgomery, Alabama. They both went to college at Alabama A&M, but instead of returning home to Gastonia, North Carolina – a city along the outskirts of Charlotte – Chad stayed in Alabama and settled into a career he couldn’t give up.
They were both on Johns Island for a special family occasion. Since Chad couldn’t find a hotel at the last minute, Kenzo agreed to let him stay at his all-inclusive condo that he’d rented for the week.
“Oh, you know what I’m talking about,” Chad said. “Quite honestly, I’m surprised you came out here by yourself. You’re looking mighty buff these days, man. You got me over here looking all scrawny and frail while you look like you’ve been living in the gym for the last two years.”
“That’s because I have,” Kenzo said. His eyes never left the beautiful woman who captured his attention. She had returned to her beach chair, gathered her hair together and wrung water from her strands before setting them free again. She wasn’t with a guy, he noticed and that was a good thing. He couldn’t handle her being with anyone else.
“I ain’t gon’ hate,” Chad said. “You lookin’ good, man. You done lost what? A hundred pounds?”
“Try one-fifty.”
“Wow! You lost a whole person.”
Kenzo chuckled. “Yeah, I did.”
“You look like a different person, Ken.”
“I feel like a different person, too. It was definitely a transformation, and it wasn’t easy.”
“I’m sure it wasn’t, but you’re reaping the benefits now, right? I bet you get all the women.”
“Nah. If that’s what I wanted, I’m sure I wouldn’t have a problem, but that’s not my thing. I’ve never been one to hop from woman to woman. Besides, I only have eyes for one woman. Just one.”
“Oh really now.”
“Yep.” Kenzo turned up his beer again, finishing it, feeling a hot breeze tickle his skin.
“You got eyes for one woman, yet you didn’t bring her? See, that’s what I don’t get. If you got a lady, what am I doing here on this beautiful beach with you sharing a condo?”
“You ask too many questions, Chad.”
“I’m for real. If I had a woman, she’s the one coming with me to the beach. Shoot, while I’m out here, I need to find me a lil’ somethin’ somethin’.”
Kenzo cracked a smile. “You do that.”
The men enjoyed people-watching for a moment. Children were building sandcastles. Most people were sunbathing. Some women were reading books while others preferred standing knee-deep in the water, afraid to go out too far.
“Who’s this girl you’re talking about, anyway?” Chad asked. “I didn’t think you would be the one-woman type since you got cheated on.”
Kenzo frowned. “I didn’t get cheated on. What are you talking about?”
“I heard you and what’s her name—um—um—Kira—broke up because she cheated—left you for some minor league, baseball player who plays for the Charlotte Knights.”
Kenzo shook his head. “That’s not true at all. You really need to stop listening to rumors.”
“Dude, it was your sister who told me,” Chad said with a chuckle.
“Figures.” His sister, Shalonda, was disappointed when Kira left. She’d had all kinds of conspiracies, but making up a story to make Kira look bad wasn’t going to do anything to repair the situation. If anything, it would only serve to make matters worse and subsequently, present Kira in a bad light. Kenzo didn’t want that. He decided to clear it up now – at least to this particular family member.
“That’s not at all what happened. Shalonda doesn’t know what went on between us. She’s just guessing.”
“So what did happen?”
Perplexed, Kenzo pushed out a deep exhale. Family members always wanted to know other family member’s business. And for what purpose? What would Chad possibly do to make the situation any better? “We weren’t on the same level—weren’t seeing eye-to-eye. After two years of marriage, she decided separation was the best solution.”
She decided.”
“You heard me.”
Chad’s eyes scanned the shoreline watching a group of women walk by. Out here, you saw all different shapes and sizes, and whatever the size was, it was on display in a scanty piece of fabric. Some women were out here looking naked and thirsty. “How long have you been separated?”
“Two years. We were together for two and we’ve been separated for two.”
“And you haven’t talked to her since the separation?”
“No. Not a phone call, email, text message—nothing.” Kenzo stretched, unintentionally flexing his muscles as he did so.
“Man—that’s wild. I didn’t even get a chance to meet her.”
“No worries. You’ll meet her soon.”
Chad raised a brow. “How you figure?”
“She’s here.”
Chad’s eyebrows raised. “Who’s here?”
“My woman.”
Kenzo smiled. “Yes. Kira.”
“She’s here, like here on Johns Island?” he asked, gesturing with his almost empty beer bottle.
“Yep. That’s one of the reasons why I’m here, but she doesn’t know I’m here.” Kenzo looked over at the woman he’d been eye-stalking and smiled. “She’ll know soon enough.”
“Wait,” Chad said, sitting straight up, putting the pieces together as he looked over at the women in the blue bikini. “Is that—?”
“Yes. That’s Kira—my wife.”


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