A Brief Preview into RAMSEY and a Bonus Crossword Puzzle!

May 8, 2018

Chapter 1


 That’s the one, consistent word that always came to Ramsey’s mind whenever he thought of his wife, Gianna. Whenever somebody asked him how’s married life or on those frequent occasions when his single brothers, Romulus and Regal, swore up and down they’d never become permanently tied down to one woman almost like they were trying to convince themselves of it. In all of those instances, Ramsey thought of how sweet life was with Gianna. 

  He cracked a smile. He loved the permanence of this union with her – embraced it with everything he had – because she was sweet in every sense of the word. He knew that better than anyone. He had free reign to make that discovery and what an expedition it was to navigate the plains and curves of her soul. Her body was oh, so sweet. 

  Sweet to look at. 

  Sweet to touch. 

  Sweet to taste. 

 Even the intangible things he couldn’t actually taste like her personality was sweet. She was a kind-hearted person – as sweet as those cupcakes she baked for a living.

 She was a little on the timid and quirky side but that’s what he found endearing about her. Even after they were married, she was still somewhat shy around him and would often blush whenever she caught him staring at her and he stared often.

  He couldn’t help it. 

  He was in love with her – a love that teetered on madness and at times confusion as to how this kind of connection with another human being could be possible. But it was possible – the kind of love that made the hair on his arms raise whenever he gave lengthy thoughts to how they came to be. Love that made him reconsider everything in his life whenever there was a conflict involving her. Love that made him put her first because he wanted to, not because a bestseller or Steve Harvey said that’s the way a man was supposed to love his woman. His love for her ran deep into the depths of his body. Deeper than veins, down into the very marrow of his bones. 

  He was fortunate.

  This was the kind of love some people never found, but he knew he discovered it the moment he laid eyes on Gianna at her place of business – The Boardwalk Bakery – and saw a speck of flour on the tip of her nose. He knew it when her translucent, cinnamon-toned eyes connected with his deep, dark ones. Seeking ones. He knew it when he tasted chocolate from her fingers. When he felt her lips quiver against his during their first kiss. The first time he held her nervous, quivering hand. Took her to dinner. Told her he loved her. 

  Tired of standing in one spot beside the bed and feeling he wasn’t close enough to her, he eased down next to her. She was sleeping this time of the night – one in the morning – but he was up – in more ways than one, admiring her. Even while at rest she was radiant, her skin blanketed with a soft glow that made him think of a silk, chocolate soufflé. His mouth watered. She was making him hungry. Her brown hair, still tousled from the love they made just a couple of hours ago, was fanned out over her pillow. Typically a wild sleeper who’d change positions constantly throughout the night, lying on her back was more comfortable these days. Ramsey stared at the reason why – at her growing stomach. This was what all the love they’d made produced – his first child. Their first child.

  A daughter.

  Lately, he found himself wondering how he’d be as a father. How she’d be as a mother. How a baby would change their lives. How he had so much to live and work for. Marriage was as exciting as welcoming his first child and the two came with great responsibilities.

  Years ago when he started St. Claire Architects, he had no idea that his passion would grow into a million-dollar organization but it had, and with his brothers as managers and leaders in their various departments, it would grow even more, he knew. When the success came, he was proud that something he started from nothing had sprouted into a great way to make a living. There was nothing more freeing than doing what you love and making a living at the same time. Now, he would not only be taking care of himself, but his family as well. He was no longer working to satisfy himself, to be mentioned in fancy publications or touted as the top architectural firm in the Carolinas. He was working all for the joy and happiness of the sweetest woman in the world and his baby growing inside of her.

  Ramsey flicked on her bedside lamp to get a better view of Gianna’s resting face and her smooth, brown skin that he couldn’t help but touch. He didn’t want to touch her for fear he would wake her, but he just couldn’t help it when it came to his cupcake. He had to – even after they’d made love just a couple of hours ago – he still found an urgent need to touch her. With his fingertips, he traced the curve of her stomach that he found fascinating during her sixth month of pregnancy. He brushed a kiss across her stomach, then placed one on her lips. He watched her lips curve into a beautiful smile.

* * *

RAMSEY is being released May 14, 2018! If you haven't already read the first St. Claire book, ROYAL, go check it out. 

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