What Wifey Wants - Book Description

What Wifey Wants
(A Short Story Follow-up to Wasn't Supposed To Love Her)

Setting: Petersburg, Virginia


Makeena is excited to strengthen her relationship with her long lost family. Her husband, Royce, by her side is an added bonus. But her happiness slowly dissipates into thin air when she realizes Royce isn’t happy.

Although he refuses to say it outright, Royce is having a hard time adjusting to a new, domestic life with Makeena. An ex-soldier, he’s accustomed to a more dangerous, adventurous lifestyle. His job was one of purpose. Of saving people. 

Will he quietly settle down in the suburbs with Makeena or go off seeking to fulfill his desire for excitement and adventure?

*Amazon Top 100 in Kindle/Short Reads/Romance Category*

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What Wifey Wants is a short story follow-up to the novel, Wasn't Supposed To Love Her. Read Wasn't Supposed To Love Her before reading What Wifey Wants.