Falling Again - Book Description

Falling Again, A Novel

Setting: Winston-Salem, North Carolina


Geneva Knight’s life is finally going the way she wants it. She’s newly engaged to Darnell Curry and has managed to open her own day spa without a penny of her father’s millions. But her dream of being a business owner has left her broke and her business struggling to stay afloat. Already in debt, she can’t afford another bank loan.

Then she gets the call – her father, Alfred Knight, has passed away. Geneva didn't have a relationship with her alcoholic and mentally abusive father, so instead of grieving his death, she’s zeroing in on his money. This is just what she needs to buy her own building and keep her business thriving. But getting her hands on her father’s money won’t be easy. Alfred has left stipulations for Geneva in his will. If she wants to receive her inheritance, she must: (1) Leave Atlanta, (2) Return to her father’s home (the home where she grew up in Winston-Salem, North Carolina) and (3) She must live there for the duration of three months with Wyatt McDowell – a man from her past. Her husband!

Geneva realizes that this is just another control tactic of her father, even after his death. But she can’t deny that she needs this money. Can she endure three months of bad memories in her family home? Will spending time with Wyatt ignite old feelings they once had for each other? And will love ever be more important to her than success and money?

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