Mine By Default Mini-Series Boxed Set - Only $0.99


Elias (Eli) Leaumont - a New Orleans police officer, is secretly in love with the woman who saved his life. The woman who has been his best friend for four years, Natalie (Allie) Romain.
Natalie thinks the world of Elias. He’s special to her and no one can get under her skin like he can. She loves him dearly as a friend and made it clear to him, years ago, that she would never date a cop. However, they spend so much time together, most people already think they are a couple.

Then there’s the way Elias looks at her...

What Natalie doesn’t know is, Elias considers her much more than just a friend. He considers her ‘his’. But when he thinks she’s interested in his brother, Solomon, his behavior becomes erratic and obsessive. And then there’s the emotional and physical damage he sustained from being shot while on duty, four years ago.

More events from his traumatic past unravels in this six-book series, and Natalie finds out some horrible things she didn’t know about him. Is he capable of murder? Is he capable of truly loving someone, or is he so messed up, that there’s no hope left? Delve into the suspenseful, yet romantic, pages of the Mine-By Default Mini Series and see if true love really exists.

This boxed set includes ALL books in the series:
Book 1 - Been In Love With You
Book 2 - When Hearts Cry
Book 3 - You Belong To Me
Book 4 - When I Call You Mine
Book 5 - Who Do You Love?
Book 6 - Forever Mine

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