The Alexander Series, Volume I

The Alexander Series, Volume I

Includes the books:

The Millionaire's Arranged Marriage
Watch Me Take Your Girl


To ‘fix’ her selfish, chauvinistic son, Padma Alexander forces Dilvan Alexander into an arranged marriage agreement with Gabrielle Robinson, hoping that marriage will help to tame her self-centered son.

Dilvan devises a scheme of his own - mistreating Gabrielle behind closed doors, then forcing her to pretend they are a happy couple in front of his Mother.  

Just how long will Gabrielle be able to subject herself to her husband’s harsh treatment? Not much longer if Tyson Alexander has something to do with it...

Tyson Alexander is skeptical about pursuing Gabrielle, the ex-girlfriend of his cousin, Dilvan. But he soon realizes that his dominant feelings for Gabrielle will not go away.

Dilvan Alexander has been working on turning his life around in hopes of eventually winning Gabrielle back.

Now Gabrielle must determine which man she wants to be with. Will she give Dilvan another chance, or will she find that Tyson’s genuineness and concern are qualities she wants in a man?

* * *