Dying To Love Her 2 - Book Description

August 4, 2013

Dying To Love Her 2

Setting: Charlotte, North Carolina; Coral Gables, Florida


In sickness and in health...

In Ava, Andre Rockwell has found the woman of his dreams. Nevermind the fact she’s sick with a life-threatening heart condition. He loves her dearly and does everything in his power to prove that love. That’s why when Ava packs her bags and leaves unexpectedly, he has a hard time accepting that she wants their relationship to be over.

Ava convinces herself that Andre doesn’t deserve to be put through the agony of loving someone with her health issues, so she single-handedly makes decisions that may divide them as a family. However, she’s not aware of how deep Andre’s love for her runs. Soon, she’ll discover how it feels to be loved unconditionally by a man who would risk it all for her.

* * *

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Dying To Love Her 2

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